It’s hard to put into words why Finley Point is such a special place. A good start would be the equal parts of beautiful, peaceful natural surroundings and the residents themselves (both human and animal kingdom). As some locals say, “turning off the highway onto Finley Point makes me feel like I’m at summer camp.” We agree!

Cyclists, walkers, joggers, boaters, swimmers, explorers, and “chillaxers” seem to make their way to this lovely neighborhood and never want to leave. See for yourself the charm of this Flathead Lake community.

If you have ever thought of selling or buying on Finley Point, please let us know! With a presence on the Point and not only knowing every nook and cranny, we know the immediate market. Our goal has always been to focus on our neighborhood. We promise to deliver service and results that will succeed your expectations. We get the Point!

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